Mogul Experience: New Orleans "Get Madi Gras" Ready

Mogul Experience: New Orleans "Get Madi Gras" Ready


This weekend in New Orleans like an other time was amazing. First stop on the trip was to one of my favorite and most popular spots Morrows. I love having brunch at Morrow’s the food is absolutely amazing and the vibe is always there. This time I tried the pasta with catfish it was good!! I also tried a Dusse 75 ladies we are leaving those lemon drops along.

Next stop was to feet my make up done by @isyssmua. When I tell you she was the sweetest.  We had great conversation the entire time and she slayed me. Know that she has a forever client in me. The beat that she gave me was amazing. 

Now this trip was special because I planned a Photoshoot. I’ve always wanted a Canal street shoot and I found the perfect photographer to capture the moments @dezexotticshots. He was so professional and went over and beyond. Baby my photos came out bomb!

Next stop was a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while GAIA Steakhouse. Baby the food and drinks were 10/10! Talk about an elevated steakhouse experience, if you've ever been to Steak Market in Atlanta they share an owner so you know the vibes. The night was young so I decided to head for hookah and drinks at 1912 on Magazine street. If you looking for a chill spot with vibes this is your spot. The owner and the staff were so nice we were in there chatting like we had know each other for years.  

The day after getting a little rest I went over to Bee Spot for brunch. Baby when I say the food was a 10/10!!! I thought my older cousins from Alabama was back there cooking. 

Because I went so hard on day one there was no way I could last a full day on day 2. I took a nap and head to CIAO. Now if you looking to really vibe with the locals in New Orleans this is the spot. They have good food, strong drinks, hookah and the DJ plays good music!! 

This time like any time was an amazing time in New Orleans! Check out my tiktok for reviews and recaps! If you haven't purchase our New Orleans guide full of places to help in planning your NOLA trip. 

Until the next trip Moguls! 


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